Greeting Cards and Rewards for Distributed Teams

Celebrate teamwork with living greeting cards authored by your team.


Let HuddleCard take care of birthdays.

Every week, HuddleCard passes around cards for upcoming birthdays.

Messages written by your team are compiled and forwarded via email on the appropriate day.

Card recipients can start a conversation with a like or reply.

Ad Hoc

Celebrate an occassion, or collect heartfelt messages as needed.

HuddleCard makes it easy for teams to tell their colleagues how much they mean to them. No matter where in the world they are.

Create congratulations, wedding, welcome cards and more.


Set up a group. Add people.

Send ad hoc sympathy, get well, farewell, retirement, congratulations cards, and more.

HuddleCard can also create a schedule for automatically collecting and sending birthday messages.

Everything is logged. See when a card is passed around, when it gets signed and when it gets delivered.